crossfit death or glory

About crossfit death or glory

CrossFit Death or Glory. It’s just a name. But what it stands for is something much much more. We provide a vehicle for change. We provide an escape from the norm. A community of like minded individuals who don’t settle for anything less than all in.

Our classes are open to all age groups and levels of ability. Each workout of the day can be tailored to match your own personal skill level and goal.

At CrossFit Death or Glory we want to change peoples opinions on fitness. We want to show you what the human body is capable of. Wether you are brand new to Crossfit, have tried it before and weren’t quite sure, or have been doing it for years and looking to up your level of performance in the box and on the competition floor, we are here to help.

Each week we programme class to cover a broad range of weightlifting, gymnastic and bodyweight movements. Along side a healthy dose of high intensity cardiovascular work.

Everything we do here is built around you and the community. This isn’t a place where you are just a number. We care about you and your journey and we want you to be a part of ours.